Does your content feel redundant, inconsistent and irrelevant to the transformation that you ACTUALLY provide?

Are you sick of not being able to expand your reach, even when you're going live 3 times a day?

Are you ready to show up as your true, authentic self in order to get people to know, like, and TRUST the content your putting out?

Learn how to Livestream #LikeABoss through this bangin' 3-part video series brought to you by yours truly!

Show me how, Heather!

Did you know that 82% of people prefer live video over a social post? With all of the recent hype behind livestreaming, I know how difficult it can be to live up to your expectations of "how" to do it. But it doesn't have to be! It's time to show the world who your complete, vulnerable self truly is. 


Let's do this! What do I get?

  • 3 seperate training videos that cover specific techniques on how to livestream #likeaboss
  • Several strategies that will help you expand your reach through livestreaming
  • A topic rotation plan that is right for YOU
  • Tips on approaching your audience in a way that will express your passion for your soul's work AND generate sales
  • Confidence to show the world the transformation you provide and all the AWESOME-NESS you have to offer!

Gimme that video series NOW!

Once you tap the button above, you'll be directed straight to the Livestream #LikeABoss video series in a Google doc, so be sure to save the URL for future access! 

Who is Heather Hartman?

Hi! I'm Heather Hartman, Feminine Biz Coach.  

I'm passionate about helping women find confidence in who they are and what they have to offer. I specialize in helping you find your ideal client, refine your message, master essential technology, and recognize that you are fantastic AF. Together, we punch your fears of technology and visibility in the throat.  

I've had battles with my self-confidence throughout my entire life. Body image issues and depression held me captive and stopped me from pursuing my dreams. Being on video terrified me and I couldn't seem to even nail down what I stood for. Now, I'm determined to keep other women away from this dark place!  

I show women how fun it is to be excited about your message and thrilled to share it with other people! They release their fears and embrace their badassness.  

The women that I work with fall in love with themselves and everything they have to offer. The result? The world falls in love with them too!

I'm SO excited to bring you this series for FREE!!! Click below to join us on the journey into the Boss Bitch's Guide to Livestreaming #LikeABoss!

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